Conceptualized leadership involving these core skill sets:

- Exhibiting a clear, realistic vision for the future. A Leader can generate a compelling vision that inspires others.

- Persistent, resilient and positive attitude. The question is not “can we?”, but “how do we do this?”

- Facilitator of team cohesion who encourages passionate input from the people he/she manages.

- Does not play favorites and incites even heated debates to give birth to the best idea. Listens deeply to others

- Someone who thoughtfully stewards his people, rather than trying to over control them

- Willing to trust risks others figure are worth it

- Not easily threatened by others skills/competency

- One who welcomes truly frank, open communication

- Is not afraid of criticism

- Effective and frequent communicator of Mission who makes all people feel appreciated

- Knows how to keep business culture focused on the Mission

- Knows importance of consistent messages

- Identifier of real growth opportunities

- Innovative, creative, yet careful

- Can discern true opportunity from red herrings and rabbit holes

- Insists on constant improvement

- Must be conscientiously always asking how do we do this better

- Patiently detail oriented

- Builds a culture of appreciated employees

- Willing to give others credit

- Humble enough to care more about the product than the trophy