HighPoints Learning (HPL) is an innovative learning company that combines technology, skilled educators and solid education industry knowledge to deliver quality math solutions for students everywhere in grades 2-12. Whether your need is to fulfill a district-wide math solution with grant and partnership assistance or to attain low- cost guided math practice for your son or daughter who is struggling in math, HighPoints Learning can help.

They have had great success in improving student math performance for the past 5+ years. Their students’ math scores improve by an average of 49% from their initial pre-assessment to their post-program “final exam” after using their learning platform. This is seen as a ray of hope at a time where students are desperately struggling with math and the US ranks 25th in the world in mathematics performance.

Thus, Youth Branding University is proud to establish a collaborative partnership alliance with HighPoints Learning (HPL).

Achieve HighPoints

Free* Math Tutoring through No Child Left Behind

Achieve HighPoints is their Free math tutoring product that is available to students through the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program of No Child Left Behind. Students who have used their math tutoring platform have experienced outstanding results. In fact in their home state of Georgia, students using their platform for just 10+ hours met or exceeded standards on their state math tests at a 44% higher rate than a control group of similar students with no tutoring.

*You may qualify for their FREE Online Math tutoring if:

• Your child’s school has not met its Adequate Yearly Progress and is in “Needs Improvement” status and

• Your child is eligible for free or reduced priced lunch