Looking for work isn’t always fun, but if you stick with it you can find just the right fit. First, think about your goal. Why do you want the job? Most kids want to make money for one thing or another, but what kind of money do you want to make? What kind of skills do you have? If you’ve never had a job, and they want experience or a resume, what do you do? The following tips will help you in your job search – if you use them!

Message from the CEO, Jeffery Henderson

During my 30 years plus work career, I have been laid off 3 times and transitioned to several companies involving a new career. As result, I feel that I can speak on the subject of  what steps should be take in order to  implement an effective job search and strategy campaign which is provided: 

• Have Faith in God
• Pray 3 Times a Day
• Take One Week Off For Yourself
• Stay Positive
• Spend Quality Time with Yourself, Family & Friends
• Develop a Plan – 1 year, 5 Years, 10 Years, etc.
• Spend Quality Time with Friends
• Develop a Strong Mental Attitude
• Assess Yourself and Skills
• Find a Job Search Mentor like Jewel Foster
• Develop Your Personal Business Plan
• Let the World Know You Are Unemployed
• Participate In Job Networking Functions
• Seek Professional Guidance
• Discover Your Passion, Vision, Mission & Purpose

• Develop Your Personal Brand
• Set Personal Realistic Goals
• Self-Promote
• Develop a 20 Second Elevator Presentation
• Update your Resume
• Develop a Personal Marketing Plan
• Relax, Rest, Play, Have Fun, Celebrate & Enjoy Life
• Reinvent Yourself
• Your Passion
• Enhance Your Image – Get a Makeover
• Enroll in Classes to Educate Yourself
• Be Open to All Avenues & Opportunities
• Develop a Social Media Strategy
• Exhibit Confidence, Be Bold & Take Action
• Play It Forward



Free Live Webinar Schedule: January/February 2013 - http://www.networkingtimes.com/university/courselist.php


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Extensive information/links on how to develop a cover letter, profile, 20 second elevator presentation, personal marketing and business plan, etc.

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At Hiring for Hope, the organization developed several new and innovative ways to manage, develop, explore, and maximize your career potential and job search process. Whether you are currently unemployed, underemployed, insecure in your current job, re-entering the workforce, entering it for the first time, exploring new possibilities, or already advanced in your career, you will find that Hiring for Hope’s job seekers services will empower you with everything you need to be able to proactively manage your career, skill set, and job search in a thorough and supportive manner.

YBUNow has also partnered with Tyrone Griffin of Welcome to Bunny Slippers Are Evil™ organization. The website (www.BunnySlippersAreEvil.com) is dedicated to help job seekers through the daily grind of job transition. The website covers:

• Resource links - dozens of articles, jobseeker resources, tips and ideas on interviewing, resumes and networking to keep you busy.

• Motivational presentations - presentations designed for and delivered to jobseekers just like you.

• Bunny Slippers Are Evil Jobseeker's Podcast - Weekly interviews with some of the best career coaches, authors, successful jobseekers and other experts on job search tactics, strategies and networking tips.

• Job & networking mailing list - most of the jobs are located in the Southeast, but jobs all over the country find their way on the list. The jobs are out there, you just have to keep looking.

• Blogs - See summaries of some shows as well as links to relevant jobseekers articles in the Mentally Unemployed® Blog and checkout Moe's Money®, which covers investing for non-investors.