The goal of Youth Business University is to reach over 100,000 youths and adults from 2012-2014 via live seminars, conferences, events, Webcasts, podcasts, media outlets including social media, internet TV, website, and white papers.

In the past 2 years plus, Youth Business University has impacted thousands of youths and their parents along with the community at large. Likewise, the Founder and CEO has motivated over fifty thousand youths and their families over the past 35+ years through training, education, and events.


Listed below you will find our goals for from 2012 to 2014:

• Educating over 100,000 youths, families, and individuals as it relates to relevant issues facing their lives and preparing them to effective citizens globally. We plan to accomplish this via classroom instructions, seminars, conferences, forums, events, podcasts, and webinars.

• Educating youths, parents, and individuals to become more financially intelligent and assisting 1,000 students in opening savings accounts.