ABOUT YBU           

Youth Branding University will interact with the education, foster care, church, youth organization, and juvenile justice communities to locate youths facing adversity and assess how our programs can have the greatest impact.

Thus, we nurture the youths we serve by servicing them where they are at along with strengthening their families and communities.



They benefit from a core curriculum of today’s most critical and relevant topics in dynamic seminars, workshops, and conferences.   They meet CEO’s and senior executives from various industries nationwide/globally. They participate in Panel Forums (i.e. State of our Youth, State of Politics, State of the Church, etc.) and practice delivering a team presentation before a mock“ Board of Advisors”. Capping this extraordinary program is a half-day management simulation event that integrates all that the “Talented” youth and “Engaged” parents have learned during seminars, sightseeing trips, team building exercises, and group activities.



Jeffery, you did a great job planning and implementing all of the youth events. I am so elated that I made the decision for my church Liberty Baptist Church to partner with Youth Branding University long-term. Job well done!!!! Dr./Pastor J. Sherman Pelt Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church

I am proud to sponsor the Youth Branding University with Jeffery D. Henderson. Jeffery has a unique passion for teaching our young people life skills, business lessons, as well as helping them embrace life’s lessons. Greg Shumate CEO , BrandMortgage

Dear Mr. Henderson. AWESOME! EXHILERATING! That’s what we have to say about the 2012 SMY Generation Success Forum. It definitely is a program that should be shared with other communities, states and countries. I saw at least 250 properly dressed and well behaved youths. What was more interesting, their parents were there – mothers and fathers along with businesses and colleges. Sheila Williams President of JBU Productions

We are thrilled to have formed an alliance with Youth Branding University. YBU is the premier non-profit organization in Atlanta with a solid focus on benefiting our young people who need it the most. Sandy Tafur Southeast Region President of P.A.C.E.

This was a blessing. All of the information I have received is confirmation of what God has been speaking. This has taught me what real Kingdom Building is. I know now that I am in the right position time in order to build myself, pastor, and most important all the Kingdom of God. Anonymous The Future Architect